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Have a Safe Travel and a Wonderful Holiday

Jyothi I am going on holiday after 3 years with some friends for 3 weeks. Please can you suggest Switch Words that will keep it smooth, avoid confrontations, keep us safe during travel and have a wonderful holiday? I do not want any unhappiness during the holidays, want us all to keep good health, be in peace and have a safe travel. As always we are ever grateful for your wonderful service.

Naran Write in a piece of paper “MIMULUS, SWEET CHESTNUT, ROCK WATER, ROCK ROSE, STAR OF BETHLEHEM” and keep it with you. Chant “FIND DIVINE ORDER” throughout.

Explanation To avoid any physical trauma: STAR OF BETHLEHEM Not to have accidents: MIMULUS Divine grace to enjoy the holidays: SWEET CHESTNUT Not to be attacked by any thieves on the road: ROCK WATER and ROCK ROSE


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