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Mamata Could you also give us some powerful RAMA mantras for tomorrow is Rama Navami and by chanting it we get the blessings and protection of Lord Ram?

Naran You can chant “JAYA RAGU VEERA RAGHU RAMA”

Mamata Thank you for the Rama mantra. Would have been nice if you could explain its significance, meaning and purpose as it is the first time we have heard this mantra. Also tomorrow is Hanuman Jayanti and would request you to guide us about some special powerful mantra to seek Lord Hanuman’s Blessings & Grace.

Naran By chanting Rama mantra only, hanuman will be pleased. Chanting of Rama increases the energy of Hanuman in you – how to talk nicely, intelligently and with the purpose. Hanuman is the manifestation of silence. That is why his deeds are so powerful and cannot be equalled.


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