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Guard yourself against evil

M Today there was heavy rain in our city for few minutes. In that time a tree fell down very close to our building, few vehicles are damaged. People are bit shocked. But all are safe. I and little daughter are also shocked. Though our car is safe, I feel like its miracle. What Can I chant for safety of our building, people, and our city?

Naran S Balakumar Chant “DIVINE GUARD”

Lalitha I was chanting the switch word GUARD for a week. My friend from childhood visited my place. She gave me a picture of The Mother (Pondicherry). I was simply thrilled as I believe Mother can protect us from any type of evil as she is an embodiment of love and protection.


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How to remain unaffected by earthquake

Naran S Balakumar “OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” Think about any place which is vulnerable to earth quake and chant this mantra. All the people in that area will be safe.  The earth quake will go unnoticed.

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Read the first two parts of this story here: Old slippers can bite: Cookers like mother-in-laws more: Naran This is the third and final story from Girija.


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