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GRATITUDE AND FORGIVENESS - infallible solution


Want to share an experience which happened in the morning. Renovation of our office Space is going which was bought recently. The carpenter who had been with us for 20 years, stopped the work abruptly and went away. He’s a person with moods but undoubtedly a nice person and highly skilled carpenter. We have always ignored his moods and appreciated his work. As Naran sir always says FORGIVENESS is the only solution to resolve any conflict, I was thanking him and also was doing forgiveness exercise ever since he stopped the work. We waited for 4-5 days. We started to get worried as we have to pay rent to the current office space and also the EMI for the new space. This morning my husband was very much worried about the standstill position of the work. I immediately searched Naran sir’s blog to find a solution. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Naran sir’s blog is a treasure trove of divine guidance for every single situation. To my great happiness and surprise I found an article titled UNFINISHED CARPENTRY WORK I went through the article and did the exercise prescribed by Naran sir immediately. Also sent lots of love to the carpenter and did forgiveness exercise again. Told my husband to call the carpenter. He called the carpenter and asked him if it’s fair on his part to abruptly stop the work and go . The carpenter paused for a second and said that he will come today itself for work. He also apologized for not inform Naran sir , thank you so much for your divine guidance.

Time and again, I am witnessing the power of gratitude, forgiveness through your guidance .I am convinced that GRATITUDE AND FORGIVENESS are the only and infallible solutions to all the conflicts. And LOVE alone can paralyse the anger, hatred and resentment.


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