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Got Low Marks Yet No Complaints from Parents

Naran S Balakumar I know a child, which is 10 years old. The parents will always complain to me about their child. If a parent comes to know the views of the child, they will be startled to know them. As a parent we never listen to the views of our children. If you ask a child about his viewpoints about his parent, then you will be surprised.  Every child has got its own opinions about his parent(s). I asked the viewpoint of the child. He said, “There is no harmony in the family”. A ten-year old child talks about harmony and disharmony within his family. He continued, “Whenever I am at home, I find my parents fighting with each other. Later on, they will turn it on me, finding fault with me and fighting with me. So, I have lost my interest in my studies”. I asked him to chant “Jelly fish” before going to his house. He says whenever he chants Jelly Fish, they stop their fighting. It has worked for him until now. In addition, whenever he gets low marks, he uses Jelly fish so they don’t ask about it. This is an extended usage of the Jelly Fish J Jelly fish makes one desist from quarrelling or fighting. Whenever, you feel that in the office, your colleagues are no cooperating with you, Pelican will make them co-operative and Jelly Fish will bring in harmony.

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