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Goals Achievement through Reiki Part II

NaranHow to create affirmations? Affirm, “Reiki heal the intention for the highest good for everybody concerned”. Why should we add this sentence to the affirmation? This is surrendering to Reiki, as only on a surrender things will happen. When we believe that Reiki can do it, it will start working. We need a separate paper for everyone included in the healing. If one person is healed then we don't have to give Reiki to them. Though, you can give Reiki for all the affirmations put together. Or use a Reiki box where you can have multiple papers inside the box and give Reiki to it. The box will be charged permanently and therefore any papers (stuff) kept inside the box will be energised quickly. Draw all the symbols. Need not be in order, for example you can draw Zonar many times before drawing another symbol. Have the hands over the box or the individual affirmation. Instead of doing nothing while hands are placed, you may chant the “I am sorry” mantra, which goes like this, “I am sorry. Please forgive Me. Love Thanks Divine”. Hot to form a (Reiki) Intention? Write the Intention as though it has already happened and give it Reiki. Within 10 minutes draw the symbols as many times as possible. When you place the hands on the paper and affirm, “I am sorry! Please forgive me. Love, Thanks and Divine!” Once the goal is realized, put the paper in water and tear it or thank it and throw it in the dustbin. Writing your intentions You will have multiple desires. What’s your immediate priority? Write that in the paper. Add to the affirmation, “Reiki heal the intention for the highest good of all concerned”. Visualize as though it has happened. This will reinforce the intention. End with the symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and as this will take the intention to Reiki source. You may also affirm, “I am placing it at the source of Reiki”.

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