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The focus of Reiki is to make a person healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This is the goal of Reiki Therapy.

Reiki is a tool to be used in our life to be healthy. What are the conditions it imposes on us?

Condition No 1: Create Positive Attitudes

We have to change our attitude towards our life. What mantras are required to change it?

They are love, thanks and trust.

Reiki means love, thanks and trust. These mantras increase our Prana. Reiki says you need love, thanks and trust to increase your energy level.

Emotions opposite to love, thanks and trust in the form of sadness, anger and worry will decrease our Prana.

When you are sad for example, then your energy level will be low.

When people around you cry – let us say over a loved one’s death, we cry too as we receive sadness from them, store it and then transmit it too.

While transmitting this sadness, we make some people cry.

Thus the 1st condition from Reiki, wants us to have a good mind.

Condition No 2: Listen to Your Body

If the body is healthy, then we are healthy emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

For body to be in touch with the universal energy there has to be energy channels in the body to tap that energy.

Heart is pumping 24/seven. It means that it needs energy and a channel to receive that energy.

It was found out that there are 27 major channels or positions in the body which can receive universal energy. By touching these positions the energy of the body is increased.

When we touch your body, you communicate with the body

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