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Getting cold during cold weather

TonyWhenever I take a shower during winter times, I get cold. After taking your Cold Remedy combination, it goes within an hour.

NaranPut five pills of Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT in a bucket of water and take bath from that water.

TonyI don’t get cold after I tried your method for the past three days. Thank you so much. Though, I am surprised that even though I take WALNUT pills every day as per your recommendation in one your classes, this Walnut remedy-charge water seemed to have had an effect.

NaranContinue the same for a 15 more days. Yes. When intake of pills doesn’t have an effect by itself, using remedy-charged water will have better effect. This is true especially for skin problems, where you need to apply remedy combination (CRAB APPLE is the base remedy along with other remedies as per the needs of the situation) charged water on the affected area.


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