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The Bach Flower RemedyKey Words Trust and faith; message from Gentian, “I trust my inner self” Expressions Doubt, depression, discouragement, pessimism, Thinks always negative, sad look always, sorrowful, total dissatisfaction, grudging starting the work, great doubters. Indications

  1. Do you think you have to grasp everything by intellect alone? By rational analysis? You do analysis over and question any time? So that your view is always negative? Is a negative view of an issue is a ‘must’ for you?

  2. You expect failure in anything. How badly things are going for me?

  3. I don’t feel comfortable unless I have something to worry about.

  4. When you have no option, Gorse gives you hope and opens another door.

  5. Even I need plenty of positive feedback and encouragement from all dying difficulties.

  6. Gentian harbors doubt about healing. He harbors negative thoughts in positive situation. He is never happy in any situation.

  7. Whenever there is failure he blames himself unlucky.

  8. When something is not happening according to our choice.

  9. Temporary regression that occurs in a project or healing.

  10. “No heat sensation” the Gentian Reiki channel would say. After the treatment, if the patient comes and says “I feel quieter in mind, I wonder it may be wishful thinking.”

  11. The Doctor would have cured many, but in my case he may not.

  12. Death of Husband/Wife, continued unemployment, children of Divorced parents, old people in old age home – all these states require Gentian.

  13. For children who have become upset over minor setbacks, and not willing to go back to school – Gentian.

  14. Stagnation in anything (when there is no water in the well etc.)

  15. Sudden regression of disease.Usage

  16. Gentian will make you know there are solutions for all the problems.

  17. Problem is turned into opportunities with Gentian.

  18. Gentian + Hornbeam – for stagnation.

  19. Gentian + Hornbeam + Wild Rose – for long stagnation of anything.

  20. Gentian + Chicory + Mustard – to stop unwanted, unnecessary expenditure (Keep in the hand bag)GENTIANWhenever anything goes wrong, I am discouraged and easily upsetGENTIANI am pessimistic - I always have negative thoughtsGENTIANI become sad and depressed even for petty reasonsGENTIANThere is always an aura of sadness around meGENTIANI am depressed and getting older in mindGENTIANI feel I have lost happinessGENTIANI feel that nobody is of any use to meGENTIANI feel sad that nothing works for meGENTIANI am not happy, God wants me to be sad; in sorrowGENTIANI am pessimistic - I am easily discouraged and depressed when anything goes wrongGENTIANIs your earlier failure the cause of your lack of confidence?GENTIANAny failure upsets him very muchMIMULUS, GENTIANHe has become moody and irritableGENTIANI expect and anticipate failures only - i.e., I am depressed and discouragedGENTIANI now have a feeling that whatever I undertake, will go wrongGENTIANI feel that I should have been born

Story from the past Mullah cried one day saying that his grandfather died, leaving behind a property worth ten lakhs. When asked why he is crying, he said that he had lost both his uncles leaving behind some more property worth lakhs of rupees. When asked why he was still unhappy and crying, he said that there is no one else left in his family to die and leave behind property for him. That was a Gentian person in action – never happy in life.


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