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Freed from Cancer

Naran S Balakumar What is the power of this mantra?

Free from cancer It is the most effective mantra for cancer. Recently, a six-month old child was diagnosed as having cancer in Mumbai. The entire family of the child chanted only this mantra for a period of one month. The child is absolutely free of cancer now.

Meaning of the mantra SREE means respectable divine. The sound RA is always expanding. It is the sound that emanates from Soonyam – vacuum. RA is the only word which goes like an arrow and expands the space wherever it goes. When RA is combined with IM, the expanding energy shines like a sun – the power of the sun – solar energy, which is all-pervading. JA is the word that destroys mental and physical suffering. YA have got the power of renewal. When YA is joined with JA (Jaya), it revives and renews at three levels – physical, pranic and mental.


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