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Flower Remedies for Harmony

Naran S Balakumar Agrimony is the base remedy. If there is no harmony or disharmony, two persons tend to argue on who is right. Establishing that ‘I am right’ becomes more important than thinking ‘love is more important’. To get that thinking, Agrimony is the flower remedy. BEECH is the flower remedy that bridges the gap between two persons. Beech will make you understand other man’s point of view. WALNUT will make you understand that adjustment and compromise is a way of life and they are needed in your life. WILLOW is the remedy not to blame the other person. When there is disharmony, there could be some physical violence and aggression, you will shout in a peak of your voice and may react by throwing things. For aggression we need to take CHERRY PLUM and IMPATIENS. Instead of these two remedies, we could take RESCUE REMEDY. In general, if there is disharmony inside a family (or office) this will work – AGRIMONY, BEECH, WALNUT, WILLOW, and RESCUE REMEDY. Chicory is also needed to give love without reservation. Buy these 6 Bach Flower remedies and put it in common drinking water. Then there will be no conflicts whatsoever. In fact, we will stop remembering to fight. In some families, the husband is possessive and suspicious. Along with the five remedies, then you can add HOLLY. HOLLY is the remedy for suspicion. One becomes suspicious because one is possessive – ‘You should not talk to anybody other than me’. So, when you talk with other person, the concerned person becomes suspicious. Thus, Chicory – for being possessive and Holly – for suspicion are prescribed. It is also recommended when one becomes rageous, jealous or envious.


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