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Find a good tenant

Jayant Sing I have a house that I want to give on rent but I don’t find a good tenant.

Naran Chant “CRYSTAL TOGETHER FIND DIVINE tenant GIVE COUNT NOW DONE” Clarity: CRYSTAL Sell, help: (switch word) GIVE

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Anandi Even though I am earning well, I am unable to save it. Expenses come up and I find me wasting money at other times. Naran Download a picture of WILD ROSE and keep it under the pillow, for cutti

Naran S BalakumarCHAMELEON When a house or property deal is not completed, then the animal spirit guide Chameleon can complete the deal for you. Last minute cancellation of the deal will not happen.

Naran S Balakumar Keep the Gem Stone BLACK TOURMALINE inside the house you want to sell. Or write the intention on a piece of paper and keep the stone on top of the paper.

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