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Fighting for Happiness and Success

ALAMELU As you said do not resist allow things to happen!! How cannot we resist - myself verge of losing job -hubby not yet got job - severe mental stress killing me very badly. How I allow myself not to feel stressed. Please let me know?

NaranWhen you are on the verge of losing the job, will your worry or fear get the job back? If so, have fear and worry. Your fear and worry or anger is what is known as Resistance. When you accept what is happening, you may see and utilize other avenues. A message is received (from the incident why you lost the job). Instead of being overtaken by the rush of emotions and thoughts, and becoming judgmental about what is happening (which is of no use), go within and watch your reaction. Say, ‘Yes I accept this emotion. I release this’. Go on releasing whatever thought comes to your mind. After sometime, analyze why this emotion or these types of thoughts come. Ask yourself is it because of your desire to change the event? If the answer is yes, say, ‘I release my desire to control or change what is happening’. Ask another question. Are all the emotions because of fear? Whatever we fear will manifest. Say, ‘releasing this fear, I release my desire for security’. Then when the mind is almost clear of restlessness, start chanting “I accept whatever happens totally”. Check out the “RELEASE your RESISTANCE” CD, which will help you to release your resistance to find happiness and success in life.


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