Feedback from students on Live session of 24th March

Updated: May 10

Thank You very Sir . My heart felt Gratitude. Thank you so much Sir. My heart felt Gratitude for such lovely Session of Mantra n Meditation. Thank you so much Sir, Was a wonderful session. Thanks for sharing such a Divine Experience Thank u sir... It was a lovely session.... Feeling refreshed....Thanks divine Thank you Sir for treasure of knowledge and wisdom imparted. Super awesome session. Thank you sir Thank you Sir, It was a lovely session Thanks Divine Wonderful session . Prostrations With heartfelt gratitude, sir 🙏 Thank you Naran sir, Sri Aurobindo and Divine Mother and Krishna. Thank you Sir, SHOBANA mam and our wonderful team Sir thank u so much we all need this prayer to be calm and at peace it was very soothing thank u once again thank you for the whole team Thank you sir and team, divine Mother for the great meditative session As always, it was a great was a divine experience to read Savitri in such a great environment and blissful state. Thank u sir and Shobana madam. Wonderful Session, Madam Uma. Thank you so much. Naran Sir is great. He made us feel blissful. Especially during this time when we really needed this support. Thank you Sir. A session that gave so much relief and satisfaction at a time like this. We thank you for this wonderful experience Sir. Thanks a lot sir... we are blessed to attend your session.. always every time something new we get. Thanks for the Divine session. Lovely session... while I traversed away and prostrated in front of the universe, I saw a bright light... it looked as though its a flood light far off while I was in total darkness but the light was so bright that I felt the rays reach me from that far... Thank you very much for the enlightened live session. I am blessed Feeling much better after the meditation. Thank you sir for timely divine guidance


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