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Fear manifests what we do not want

MadhuThere is always a saying that marriages are made in heaven. Is that true? And if so then why there is negativity like divorce, extramarital, and even more than that? I am very much afraid of this issue as it’s a lifelong decision and relationship. Is there any switch word which all can chant to have a successful, happy and respected marital life either love or arranged. Any switch words that can keep harmony not only in couple but also between two families because sometimes we see that due to family distances, fights arise. And also anything after which there should not be any regression about marriage decision? I know you are the only one who can clear my questions and hope so many people wants know it.

NaranFear is hallucination. Fearing about something is happening in the mind only. The mind is unable to perceive the future and therefore indulges in thoughts that produce fear. Instead of becoming inquisitive, the mind pushes you in fear or in darkness. What is this fear? Fear manifests the very same event which we do not want. Understand that every emotion has got individual consciousness. Fear is born because future is unknown. Anything unknown is darkness. Darkness - fear - will be no more, when there is light. When the fear appears, think that it needs light. Say, “Fear SET FREE, OPEN, ALIGN yourself with the LIGHT and RELAX me.” Read again and again all the answers and blog postings and meditate on each and every answer. You will know everything that you need to know. Too much of thoughts – unwanted thoughts – obsess you and you have forgotten to listen. Listening happens when we become silent and Truth will reveal itself when we introspect. It is not my reply but your understanding is more important.


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