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Reconciliation between people who are separated

Naran S Balakumar Use the Animal Spirit Guide Stork:

  1. To reconcile – wherever people are separated, Stork can be used for reconciliation

  2. Stork helped in no of divorce cases uniting husband and wife You can do the following:

  3. “STORK” can be chanted.

  4. You can also the paste of photograph of Stork on the pictures of both husband and wife or on their names written on a paper.

  5. You can also look at the picture of Stork or visualise the Stork is in front of you, flies away from you to the sky, getting smaller and smaller and becoming a star. From the star, visualise Green energy descending towards you and enters through your top of the head and heart centre.

  6. Extend your hands and rotate your auric hands rotating clock wise, make as many green circles as possible and chant “BOW CONCEDE TOGETHER DIVINE”.


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