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Failed to change my child’s behaviour

  1. First say, “I release my desire to control him”. Then advise him. Why? If you tell him anything with judgment, then he will never listen to you for sure. How do we control our children? They have to be punctual, eat healthy, study well etc. Thus, we control all their activities because we think they are to be corrected. We don’t allow them to grow in their own way.

  2. What will happen if we don’t tell them so?If I don’t tell him then he won’t go to school.

  3. There is a fear he won’t go to school.

  4. So I release the fear that he won’t go to school.

  5. What will happen if he doesn’t go to school? Nothing will happen.I have a responsibility as a mother. Other people should say that my child is a good child.

  6. Say, “I release my desire for approval”.

  7. In addition, say, “I release my desire to control him”.

  8. Release all the desires and then discipline him.

  9. There are three basic desires that are operating within us – desire to control, desire to get approval and desire for security.Even if I wake him up, he doesn’t get up.

  10. How do you exercise your control with him? By getting angry with him, you are exercising your control over him.

  11. Release that.

  12. What’s that you don’t like about him? You dislike him because he is getting up late.

  13. Release your dislikes about him.He doesn’t behave as per my expectations. If he gets up on time then he will be no 1 student

  14. This is your expectation.

  15. Release all your expectations about him and then you discipline himEach and every matter you need to analyze like this and then take your actions.


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