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Experience from Naran Sir's Cord Strengthening workshop

Sheila was having difficulty getting along with her father-in-law. She was getting along with everyone else but felt sad her father-in-law was really being difficult and alienating her. She was depressed about it.

She came to know about Naran Sir's Cord Strengthening class being conducted by Ms.Kamlu of Naran’s Delhi Admin through Skype from ON NARAN GROUP.

After attending the Cord Strengthening workshop, She started practicing the exercise.

Situation improved, When she came to Chennai centre she bought FORGIVENESS BOOK and CD. She realised it was important to forgive as well in addition to the Cord Strengthening. She did it sincerely and after a month her father-in-law has changed so much that he is treating her like a daughter.

Ms. Kamlu is conducting Naran Sir's Cord Strengthening workshops in Delhi.

Ms. Irene is conducting Naran Sir's Cord Strengthening workshops in Mumbai.

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