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Evil Dead Face

R MohanI had a small accident, couple of years ago. I was driving a bike without wearing a helmet, at a great speed of 25 kms per hr!!! I lost my consciousness. I got admitted in a hospital by some good soul driving by that road. My colleagues got the information and rushed to see me in the hospital. One of them is Smita. She’s practices Bach Flower Remedies. She gave me Rescue Remedy pills as per the advice of Balakumar. I filled the bottle of water with 6 pills of RESCUE REMEDY for every 3 hours, continuously sipping them. All my colleagues look worried. Some of them told me later that they thought I might have had some severe brain damage from the look of my face. But, I was laughing and laughing. I realized the actual reason behind their worried look of their face only after few hours of the accident. After some time I gained enough strength and went to the rest room. I looked at my face – which looked like one of the ghosts in the movie ‘Evil Dead’. Then, I understood why they were worried. But what surprised me was I was still laughing after seeing my Evil Dead Face. I was cool as a cucumber. Why? Simple…it’s thanks to Rescue Remedy. What happens when you hear the sudden death of your close relative? You go into a shock, mind goes numb and sometimes you may faint too. There will be tendency to panic when there is an important exam to attend. My niece faints before every Math exam. In all these cases you could use RESCUE REMEDY. In general, it rescues the patient from shock, fear and fainting, when they are in deep mental and physical trauma.


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