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Establishing harmony WITH a person

NaranWITH means is to be compatible with the opposite or concerned person. TOGETHER DIVINE WITH … (Name of the person), when you want the other person to agree with you When you want a harmonious atmosphere chant CLEAR TOGETHER DIVINE WITH. If you chant this switch word combination, the atmosphere will change beautifully. The meaning of CLEAR is light. When there is light in a place, there cannot be darkness (problem or disharmony).  CLEAR has been in use since thousand years. CLEAR is a very powerful word.

No need to chant the names of the persons to be healedDon’t bother about the names of the persons who need harmony. Just chant CLEAR TOGETHER DIVINE WITH.  Still it works beautifully. At the subconscious level of the mind there is no ‘you’ and ‘me’. Everything is one. At the subconscious level there is no differentiation, all are one. The difference is because of the body, and of the mind’s association with the body. That’s why we see the difference between each other So you don’t have to add the names of the persons to be healed, when you chant the words. You can simply chant CLEAR TOGETHER DIVINE WITH. Automatically harmony will settle in.


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