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Effect of Bija Mantras on our Moods

Naran S Balakumar “OM LAM NAMAHA, OM VAM NAMAHA, OM RAM NAMAHA, OM YAM NAMAHA, OM HAM NAMAHA”. We will get a good mood, by chanting Bija mantras. We will also feel energized and uplifted.

Balancing Chakras If one element is imbalanced, then all the other elements will become imbalanced too. In the same way, if one chakra is affected, others also will be affected. No point in healing one chakra. Do the Bija mantras in the order specified, for five minutes every day to heal ourselves.


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Order to Chant Bija Mantras

Meenakshi Is there an order in which we need to chant the Bija mantras? Naran S Balakumar Chant in the following order: OM LAM NAMAHA OM VAM NAMAHA OM RAM NAMAHA OM YAM NAMAHA OM HAM NAMAHA


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