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Don’t Upset Me! Be Nice!!

Updated: Mar 9


What you said is true...

that inanimate objects also have some energies and feelings.

I experienced it twice at least, which I observed.

My washing machine is huge, turbo sized, so I thought I can put heavy loads.

One day, I over stuffed it knowing it is heavy load.

It stopped in between giving process error.

I tried moving things around still it said it is unbalanced.

So, I was talking to it, rubbing my hand and said “I am sorry.

I overstuffed. I am giving you Reiki now.

Please wash it this time. I will not give heavy load again".

I turned it on again and it finished the full cycle without any problem :)

Recently being human, I forgot and overstuffed it again but it was not very heavy load. It did not run for more than 2 minutes. No matter what I did. I tried to drain it and spin so clothes do not get spoilt overnight. It did not work. It was so adamant. It kept giving process error and did not budge. I told it "I am so sorry, it is my mistake. I will give you Reiki, and can you please just rinse and take out water... no need to wash also. Just drain the water, spin it and give to me, I will wash as two cycles again tomorrow. Can you do that for me?” Then I turned it on again at rinse. It worked!! It drained and spin without any noise and issues. I am now careful not make it upset :) 


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