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Don’t have a tendency to hide

Naran S Balakumar We sometimes HIDE information from somebody, trying to be very careful. Hiding behaviour and the tendency to hide, will affect blood vessels as well as urino-genital organs.

Cause of blood-related health issues When you don’t want the other person to know about something, your blood vessels, genital organs and heart are affected. We don’t vent our feelings and opinions properly. We also lead our lives unwillingly. UNWILLINGNESS and resentment go together. We use the word ‘UNWILLINGLY’ most of the times. Most of the time, we are also unwilling about something. Sometimes, whenever possible we also make others to be unwilling – by controlling them or by advising them. We have more of this tendency. UNWILLINGNESS – any type of unwillingness, affects the blood vessels and they become aged. Can we say openly to somebody, “This is the time I was feeling unwilling with you?” We don’t say that and so we hide. Thus unwillingness and hiding go together.

Remedies recommended Examples of blood related issues are Blood Pressure, Bad Blood etc. Anything to do with Blood, AGRIMONY is the base remedy, for unwillingness, give CENTAURY and for hiding give AGRIMONY.

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