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Do this!Problems will be solved automatically!!


Desire for approval in action You can list the ways you seek desire for approval:

  1. Thank you for your appreciation

  2. I don’t want to hurt his feelings

  3. I should not reject him

  4. If I do this, he will be happy

  5. If I do this, he will not get angry In addition, list the ways by which you allow yourself to be controlled by others or control others – Desire for approval. You can term it as fear of rejection or disapproval, for example to influence others through Batch Flower Remedies (list this item too). We have so much desire to control others and events. We use Bach Flower remedies either with a desire to change ourselves or others. 70% of the time we are operating with this desire and may be more, but not less. If we release this desire, most of the problems will be solved by itself!!


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