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Do this, before you visit doctors

NaranBefore going to a physician Ruby (Sun – red), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter – blue) and Emerald (Mercury – green) Before visiting a general physician Ruby and Emerald When you visit a child specialist Yellow Sapphire and Pearl Before going to a dentist Blue Sapphire and the Bach Flower Remedy Mimulus (for fear) If you want to use gems, pray to Saturn and go to dentist. He will do a quick job and a thorough job. Saturn is very important for teeth. Alternatively, chant Blue Sapphire (Saturn is represented by it) or take pills of Blue Sapphire or chant Om Sanaicharaya Namaha (mantra for God Saturn) and (Bach Flower Remedy) Mimulus pills – for fear. Before meeting an ENT specialist Ruby and Emerald Appointment with an eye doctor Take Diamond pills, so you will be diagnosed properly. Why?  When I have an eye problem, my indigo is less. Surgery was suggested to you. You would like to have a successful surgery. Ruby (Sun) and Coral (Mars)


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Help to manage a Root Canal Treatment

Naran S Balakumar Let us say you have wanted to do a root canal treatment. To find the right dentist: (Bach Flower Remedy) CERATO Remove the fear of surgery: MIMULUS (the expenses will be within you

Mantra for body pains

Naran S Balakumar Chant “HARI OM” It can be chanted for body pains. This is the one mantra which evolves the body. Related PostsHow Our Body Guides Us:

How I overcame the serious problem in my life

Sowjanya Dear Naran Sir, Hope you are doing good! This is one miracle happened to me and I would like to share it with you. My husband was hospitalized in Continental international Hospital, Hydera


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