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Do not hang on to anything

MadhuWhenever you had given me SW for healing for my present relationship, I felt some hope and felt that I must cross this hurdle and then everything will be alright. So pls tell me can I still expect to get him back. Then what to do? If you say to chant anything, for any number of times, in any mudra I will follow the same. Till then I am just chanting “RELEASE RESISTANCE TOGETHER DIVINE LOVE”, thinking about him.

NaranDo not hang on to anything. Chanting is the only thing that you should do. If your mind is on what you get, you will be disappointed. Getting what you want may give you happiness. But after sometime, it may give you dissatisfaction. When you are ready to accept what is offered by the Divine, you will be happy. This is the only way escape karma – I mean its effect.

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