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Divine Consent

R Mohan Today evening I decided to do blogs on Case histories. I had at my disposal 84 mails sharing their experiences. There are more and I am yet to identify them. I started picking them randomly to make blogs out of them. When I was doing the third one I realized, all the three blogs are vindicating HELP EACH OTHER: In all those cases, the individual had tried something from the existing blog postings. The 4th as well as 5th are of the same type.6th was different, while the 7th was of the same type. Finally, the 10th case history was of that type. So out of 10 blogs I picked randomly, 7 were by those who tried out something, without consulting Naran on their issue. They found a solution successfully, by reading existing Naran’s Blogs and implementing the ideas mentioned in them. My conclusion is, I guess, Divine is saying yes to the concept, 'HELP EACH OTHER',

Naran Divine's consent is vindicated by these experiences. PS: Refer the blogs posted:


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