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Distance Healing with IEIT

Raji, a friend of Shobana had muscle cramps. She called up on Shobana and asked her to send Reiki. Shobana decided to do tapping instead. Solution steps:

  1.  She said ‘I am Raji’ for few times.

  2.  Then she imagined herself as Raji and did tapping.

  3.  Fifteen minutes later she received a call from Raji asking her what miracle she did as her problem had vanished away completely.Distant Healing – II Shobana handled another case as well. A child was thumb sucking even though she is five years old. Solution steps:

  4.  Shobana took a print out of the tapping points.

  5.  Then she wrote the name of the child on top of the paper.

  6.  She started tapping on the points printed on the paper and kept saying ‘Asha you are giving up on thumb sucking’.

  7.  Within two days Asha stopped thumb sucking.Negotiation from a distance Life is all about negotiations, finding a middle path and a win/win situation for everybody concerned. Solution steps:

  8.  Decide how you want to go about the conversation.

  9.  Then imagine how the other person will react to it

  10.  And finally imagine the desired outcome by both the parties will be achieved by the healthy conversation you had.

  11.  Note the conversation on paper if it is quite lengthy (optional).

  12.  Using your right (giving or action) hand do tapping and start imagining how you will start the conversation.

  13.  Whenever the other person has to remark, tap with left (receiving) hand and imagine how they will answer/converse.

  14.  Continue the imaginary conversation to the end.

  15.  When you meet the person next time, start the conversation the way you had planned.

  16.  You will get a surprise that the other person will react the same way you had imagined. As Balakumar says we are all connected sub-consciously.Negotiation with a child Your child did not want to listen to any of your reasoning. In front of the child keep tapping and telling it mentally what you wanted to say. Definitely you can be sure that your child will understand where you are coming from. Sreenivas does this technique whenever he has communications issues with his child. He says within ten minutes of tapping he finds his son responding to his suggestions. Please note here that that father is not influencing the son, but making the son, understand the given situation. He is facilitating the communication process.


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