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Different gems and significance

  1. I want to live Separately.

  2. A period of separation will be good.

  3. To dissociate from somebody one has to take Ruby essence.

  4. If one wants to break away from any person, he has to take Ruby essence.

  5. If one wants to become independent, he can take ruby essence.

  6. If one wants to severe connection, with somebody he has to take Ruby.

  7. To get respect one has to take Ruby. To rebuild to restore from a downfall, one can take Ruby.

  1. If anyone feels unloved one has to take pearl essence.

  2. If anyone feels unloved take Pearl.

  3. If anyone feels abandoned, forsaken, neglected, rejected, unwanted, he can take Pearl, which stimulates loving qualities in him.

  4. To have a good relationship between mother and child (especially adopted), the mother should take Pearl.

  1. To carryout, to execute one's plans, one has to take coral.

  2. To progress, to advance one has to take coral.

  3. To get well after an illness coral is to be taken along with Ruby.

  4. To recover fast during convalescence coral and ruby have to be taken.

  5. If the secretion of milk is poor, one has to take coral and diamond.

  6. Wherever one needs movement, coral has to be taken.

  7. When there is constipation, take pearl and coral in the mornings.

  1. To Bargain, Transact, Conciliation, Diplomacy, mediation, to unite, to associate, to bring together, to combine, to unite, to link, to be united, to adapt and adjust, children are usually adaptable, to agree.

  2. To Reconcile : To restore friendly relations, to find a satisfactory way of dealing.

  3. To have good communication take Emerald.

  4. For any mediation work , Emerald essence will be highly good.

  5. Physically, Emerald is Remedy of choice in poor digestion, gas problem and acidity.

  1. If one wants be generous YELLOW SAPPHIRE is the Remedy of choice.

  2. If one wants calmness, composure, Yellow sapphire is to be taken.

  3. If one wants to have faithful friends yellow sapphire is the essence.

  4. Yellow sapphire essence can change a mean, selfish person into a generous person.

  5. For any expansion of business, yellow sapphire essence is to be used.

  6. To stop criticizing, yellow sapphire is the essence.

  7. Since expand is the key word of yellow sapphire, all singers speakers teachers can regularly take the essence.

  1. To attract, to desire, to create, to build relationship,

  2. to develop Desire to live and desire to love.

  3. To build up To increase the growth stage by stage. (During pregnancy, for the development of foetus diamond essence can be helpful.)

  4. To strengthen gradually the relationship/health/Reputation, one has to take diamond essence.

  5. If one is pessimistic, he has to take diamond essence to become optimistic. For any skin problem diamond essence is to be taken.

  1. To Restrain, Regulate, Check, Control, Limit, Restrict.

  2. If one is severely in debts, blue sapphire essence will get him out of the debts.

  3. If the expenditure is mounting, blue sapphire will check the expenditure.

  4. If one loses control of himself, he can take blue sapphire.

  5. Blue sapphire, is the remedy of choice for one who is easily offended and getting angry.

  6. To regulate children blue sapphire is the remedy.


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