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Any side effects from taking gem remedies?

Updated: Mar 14

Naran S Balakumar In general, there is no side effect. However, please do understand that Gem Remedies – especially precious stones works for specific situations only. DIAMOND and EMERALD can be worn by all. Especially, RUBY should not be worn when you have a family as ‘break’ is the keyword of Ruby. Wear PEARL instead. Once in a way you can wear a stone. It is ok, as they are ornamental in nature. Don’t wear it permanently, though.

Can I take gem remedy pills when I am taking some other medication? Yes, you can and without any worries. Just give a gap of one hour before or after taking the medication. At least give a 15 minutes gap between other medication (including other gem remedies) and the gem remedies.

Can I combine remedies from different healing methods, Yes, especially you chant remedies from different healing methods.

A case history- R Mohan Vasu, a manager in my friend’s hotel asked me a question, whether I wrote the circles in a piece of paper, and written with some names on it, which was kept it inside the cash draw. I said yes. I asked him why he is asking that question. He replied that these days there is a significant improvement in their business, about 15 to 20%. A week back, I had taken a piece of paper and wrote the words, “TOGETHER COUNT DIVINE CITRINE”, each of them in one circle and in the innermost circle, the name of the hotel (using the circle technique). I gave this paper to my friend to keep it in the cash draw to generate more business for him. Even though, my friend was reluctant, he agreed to do so. Citrine is a gem stone, while Together, Count and Divine are switch words. Both gem remedy and Switch words can be combined during chanting and for that matter, different types of remedies can be combined.


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