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Healing Bleeding from the TeethNature Cure Take 3/4th litres of water. Drink before brushing. If you cannot drink it in one go, then take time to drink it. Then brush the teeth. You can take coffee or tea after 45 minutes. All the unwanted bacteria in the mouth and the intestines will be washed away. Brush with fingers both teeth and gums. Mantra Healing Chant the mantra OM AUM (like Owl). Place your hands on the jaws and chant. Place the left hand over the mouth and then the right hand on top of it to handle polarisation of electro-magnetic energy. Reiki Following the Quick Reiki approach: Give Reiki to both jaws. Then to the nearest (related) chakra – Throat Chakra, followed by Solar Plexus Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. Gem Stones Pray to Saturn, before meeting a Dentist. Chant BLUE SAPPHIRE (Saturn is represented by it) or take pills of BLUE SAPPHIRE Chant OM SANAICHARAYA NAMAHA Before the dentist appointment, take BLUE SAPPHIRE and MIMULUS (for fear) pills. Bach Flower Remedy AGRIMONY is the base remedy for all teeth problems. The root cause for teeth issues is hiding your worries. The bleeding is only when I brush in the morning: WHITE CHESTNUT The bleeding happens whenever I change the paste: WALNUT Mind Body Intelligence The psychological reason behind the issues is, ‘Not able to bite the reality’. Therefore, affirm, “I accept myself totally. I feel safe and secure”.


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