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Cured from Chicken Pox

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Client, Aug.14, 2013 My son came from office very tired and exhausted. He got fever and took one Crocin. I told him to chant “OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” and I kept that mantra under his pillow. Fever came down. Yesterday, in spite of me telling not to go to office he went. Today morning i.e., 8th Aug, we came to know he got chicken pox. Pls tell me what mantra to chant. Now, for his recovery and his restlessness, he had to take leave from his office for 10/ 15 days. It is his new job, 5 months only over and it is the probation period. He is the only earning member of the house.

Naran Continue to chant the mantra “OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” Write “HEPAR SULPH GUN POWDER SILICEA” in a paper and keep it under the pillow. Cut one onion and keep it open in a vessel. Daily in the evening, throw this out in garbage. Have one more cut onion in the night. Throw it out in the morning.

Oct 24, 2013 Thank you very much. Sorry for my very late response to you. I am really ashamed of myself for not replying to you about the progress after you gave us solutions. My son got very good co-operation from his immediate boss, who sanctioned leave, allowing him to take maximum rest (about 15 days) and that too without submitting leave letter.

Explanation Om Howm Vum Joom Saha mantra is good to remove any type of infection. Cut onions will absorb the viral around. Without touching it with bare hands, throw it away. HEPAR SULPH GUN POWDER SILICEA: pulls out of the body any infection. It is a combination of Homeopathic remedies. It works even for gangrene suffered by diabetic patients


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