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Constipation, Sleeplessness and Itching packed together

Naran One of my distant relative made a distress call to me saying that he couldn’t sleep well for the last three days. Interestingly, he wasn’t feeling tired. During the same time, he was suffering from constipation and a severe itching problem. As he called me very late in the night, I couldn’t give him any remedies. So, my first target was to get him sleep well. So I suggested him to be in Safe and Secure Mudra and listen to the ‘Mooladhara’ CD. I also told him to keep the Power Life Symbol 53 under his pillow. Next day, he reported that he slept well, his irritation is gone and constipation disappeared.

Explanation When there is constipation, the organs affected are large intestine and lungs (itching). No energy from the earth element is sent to them. Once the earth element is activated by listening to Mooladhara CD, it got energized and sent the necessary energy to air element, namely lungs and large intestine. The stagnation of energy in the Mooladhara got released and he slept well. However, he has to correct his constipation. The energy circle is as follows: Metal -Water-Wood –Fire–Earth-Metal.


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