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Coming out of Love Pangs

Updated: Mar 1

Naran Sri Balakumar

Raja and Rani were good friends and loved each other deeply. 

They would meet each other every day and spend time together. 

They decided to get married.

Suddenly one day Rani’s father brings a boy who has come from U.S.A. and fixes the marriage for Rani.  Rani respects her parent’s words and agrees for the wedding. 

Since there was not much time, the marriage takes place and immediately she leaves for U.S.A.  There was no communication from Rani.

Raja was shocked when he comes to know about the marriage. He is dejected in life.  Loses interest in life, grows a beard. 

At this state, for pangs of love due to separation give the Bach Flower Remedy CHICORY.  Raja will get over his separation and starts to lead his life.

The person who is highly possessive will be sentimental and so a love failure affects him a lot. They will say after their love failure they will not get married as they prefer to live in the memories of their beloved. They might get ready for marriage after taking CHICORY.

Why this person is unduly influenced by love?

If you give them the Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT it will remove their sadness as Walnut is a great unwanted-link-breaker.

Raja was given Chicory and Walnut.

And as expected he could come out of his love pangs.


Put 4-6 pills of Chicory and Walnut in a 300 ml of water and keep sipping it every one hour. Remedies should be taken daily until the person is completely out of love pangs.


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