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Coming out of LOSS Pangs

Updated: Mar 1

Ajay These days everything turns out to be a loss – business, love affair or relationships. As suggested by you I am doing Reiki for 60 to 90 minutes. I would like you to suggest an affirmation that I can do while doing Reiki.

Naran Sri Balakumar While doing Reiki or anytime in general, chant the affirmation, “I OPEN up myself to the LOVE, BEAUTY and GRACE of the DIVINE MOTHER”.

Ajay (after a week) Your affirmation is a great Rescue Remedy for my losses. Even though, I am yet to recover from my losses, I could see positive developments in all areas of my life. -        I could get business from some customers, where it wasn’t forthcoming before. -        I see improvement in the quality of interactions with my current relationships. -        Whenever I feel at a loss, I could come out of that feeling, and feel peace at heart, if I chant the affirmation. Overall, I already see signs of improvement in all aspects of my life. Of course, I understand as my problems are long-standing, I cannot overcome them overnight. However, with the help of this mantra, I am sure I will able to handle them over a period of time. Based on my personal experience, I would suggest this affirmation for your students and blog readers, who are suffering from love pangs – be it a loss of a lover, spouse, or dear ones.

Additional Notes:

"I OPEN up myself to the LOVE, BEAUTY and GRACE of the DIVINE Mother"

  1. This affirmation can be written 28 times in a notebook.

  2. This affirmation can be chanted 108 times over a glass of water and taken daily.

  3. Every time one feels upset or sad, this affirmation can be chanted continuously.

※ All the above mentioned 3 methods can be done daily.


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