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Cleared Nasal Congestion

ClientI have suffering from nasal allergy (running nose, congestion, now headache). I have been taking some medicines and now on anti-biotic also.  Since last night, it has worsened in spite of medications. Sleep gets disturbed early morning too.  My dad suggested me to do Linga Mudra.  Can I do it? 

NaranChant “CLEAR ADJUST NOW” by being in the LINGA MUDRA for 15 minutes. Then be in PRAN MUDRA for 30 minutes.

ClientI am writing this THANK YOU for the chant for allergy under SOS subject a few days ago.  It was a great relief for me, almost like magic, the nasal congestion and the entire problem that came with it disappeared in 2 days!!!! However, it hasn't gone away completely.  Should I continue chanting and doing mudras?  My fingers ache after 15 min. Can I do it twice for 15 minutes? 

NaranContinue for some more time. Yes you can split and do so.


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