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Cleaning house will clear financial problems

Naran Suresh a builder came to me and said even though he is doing a great business, he always has financial issues. While narrating his problem, he mentioned that his house is never clean as his wife is not taking care of the house properly. I asked him why not he cleans the house himself instead of complaining about his wife and criticizing her. I told him to clean his bedroom first. If he manages to clean the house, definitely he will find the money to tide over things. So to start with he cleaned his personal draw. The same day, he called upon the land-owner for whom he is working on a joint-venture project. He made him aware of the time and money involved in sorting out those problems.The land-owner graciously agreed to pay Suresh for the problems he went through. Interestingly, now the money will help Suresh to move forward as it can be used as seed money for getting things done, which in turn will bring more funds to his company. Now he is the in the process of cleaning other stuff. Interestingly, now his wife is also co-operating with him. My observation suggests that criticizing others for the problems brings no salvation. Rather do something positive in action. You will find a difference in the situation as well as in the opposite person.


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