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Child run over by a passing vehicle

Naran S Balakumar Vijay was the only child of his parents.  Every day his mother will put him on the van and bring him back when he comes back from the school. On that fateful day, the mother was few minutes late as she had some urgent work to be done. When she reached the stop, the van just arrived and before she could cross the road and go, Vijay came running across the road without seeing. The tragedy took place; Vijay was run over by a passing vehicle.  The mother stood there shocked beyond words. After that she could not come back to her normal self.  She always stayed in a dark room, refusing to drink, eat or even to bathe.  She was not talking to anybody. At that stage the husband could not give the remedy as she did not drink anything.  He was advised to splash STAR OF BETHLEHEM and ROCK WATER on her face. Soon after this she slowly came out of the shock and got back to her life.

Explanation To come out of the trauma: Star of Bethlehem Self denial by not taking food and not drinking water: Rock Water


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