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Can I manage the summer heat?

Naran S Balakumar Chant “AADITYAYA BANU MURTHAYE NAMO NAMAHA” Lord Sun has many names. One of his names is Mitran. Another name is Ravi – which is a digestive mantra – “Om Raveyeah Namaha” The Sun is also called Banu – the highest heat. The sun, during the summer, when the temperature is at highest peak is called as Banu. It is very difficult to manage the heat during summer. To manage it, chant during summer, “Om Aadityaya Banu Murthaye Namo Namaha” and welcome the sun. Then you can very easily manage summer heat. When you are facing the most difficult of problems, when you think that you cannot manage any more either the person or situation, with faith on Sun God, chant “Aadityaya Banu Murthaye Namo Namaha”. 


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