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Bring Cheer in Relationships

Vandana My main problem of my fibromyalgia (nerves pain due to stress) and that is because of my not having a good relationship with my husband. I have discussed each and everything with my husband how we can make our relationship better. He will always tell that he will improve. But, he has never done anything about it. I am a very honest person, get attached very easily and do everything for others with full heart. However, my husband loves to show off. He spends money on me to show others and my children that he is a very caring husband and loves me a lot. Because of his nature, I am totally broke. I can’t believe him anymore. He is very selfish and only cares about him. He has no interest in me. I just have dragged this marriage because of my kids. My boys are 19 and 17. They also understand that our relationship is not good. My kids also tell me to try to be happy and stay busy. To keep myself happy, I am trying to keep myself busy in so many things, I have started business as well. But, whatever I am doing my husband has no interest in it. I am trying to detach myself from him also but it’s really difficult, I don’t know, what to do, but still I want true love from him.

Naran What is needed for you to change yourself to him? You only want him. Ask yourself what is preventing you from getting his love? Are you blaming within (for your problems)? What about your judgmental attitude (about yourself) within? What is in you that is preventing you from getting his love and affection? Is it your desire to change him? What is in you that has caused his rejection? What is in you that has attracted this unloving person (in your life)? Reflecting on your thoughts and behavior will make you understand your life better. What do you need to change in yourself? Did you not anytime ACT (put up a show) anywhere with anybody in the past? What is that which is hidden in you? What all you had hidden from your parents in your past? How much love you have for others? Scale each and every love you gave to others. Is it not different with different people? Reflect. Chant (gem remedy) “PEARL” as many times as possible

Vandana I have never acted with my own people, whether they are my parents, sisters, brothers, or close friends. I am always honest with them. I don’t lie as well. I don’t believe in changing people, I accept everybody as they are. My only problem is I have expectations on my husband so that we can make our married life better, by spending more time with each other, He has all the enthusiasm when he meets others. He entertains them like anything but at home he didn’t want to do anything. He likes parties so I arrange for him. But, if I like to spend time with him he should also take some effort for that. I won’t say he doesn’t love me, but there is no effort in making our lives and relationship cheerful.


Explanation The Gem remedy PEARL will develop the motherliness in you, which attract people towards you. The switch words “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” is so powerful that it will bring tremendous change in you, which in turn will bring the results you want. Change is a Celebration, let us celebrate it.  I have created a “WELCOME CHANGE” CD to bring the changes in ourselves easily.


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