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Bring back feeling of security

Naran S Balakumar Survival fear is always there in our thinking. To feel secured is the desire of every human being. Everyone is trying to live and live. This attitude is the shadow thought of the Atman – the inner self-, which is aware of its permanence. It is SAT- EXISTING ALWAYS. This aspect becomes the shadow (opposite) belief of impermanence in the mind. And this is known as survival fear resulting in our expressions, “I feel unsafe” and "she is trying to eliminate me". Thus, one becomes fearful of something or the other in life. In life, relationships make us insecure; our working place makes us insecure.

How to bring in the state of security? Listen to the Verse 24 of CHAPTER 2 OF SHRIMAD BAGAVAD GITA, or read it 11 times. Any audio version of this verse can be looped and listened continuously. You can paste the verse in paper and keep it under the pillow. This brings back the feeling of security – the original SAT which is forgotten by the mind.

Who needs this healing? People who are unstable in their profession, One who has lower back pain Who have fear of death for unknown reason Who have unknown fear People who are fearful of in-laws People who feel unstable can listen or chant this verse.

Meaning of the verse (Our soul is) uncleavable, incombustible It is not liable to be drenched or dried up Eternal, all-pervading, stable and unmoving It is forever and forever No pain (fire) can kill you No sadness (water) can drown you No worry (air) can dry you No event (Space and earth) can break you


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