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Brain clot cured by Doctor SUN

Updated: May 2, 2020

A Person had falled on his head and developed a clot in brain at back of head.

It was painful and after CT scan doctor advised him to remove. So before operation his wife suggested for holistic treatment before operating.

Prescribed them Bach Flowers -

Gentian, Beech, Crabapple, Rockwater, Mimulus, water violet

as per his emotions and to dissolve clot.

And suggested daily prayer to Sun God to send Healing rays to dissolve clot in brain.

Prayer was done more by this man’s wife.

As he was not doing it regularly.

After a month or so, when he approached doctor and took date for operation.

A Brain scan was done again before operation to check current situation.

And to everyone’s wonder, clot got dissolved completely, little swelling was left. For which doctor prescribed some medicine and operation got cancelled.

So is the power of Sun prayer!!

Thank You Naran Sir, for sharing such simple yet profound healing prayer.


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Priyanka Goswami
Priyanka Goswami
25 mar 2021

I feel all time sickness making me depressive.plz help me out.i want to live my life with enthusiasm . I want to be feel healthy n active plz

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