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  1. I was listening more.

  2. When I get the real meaning of the word – I go into in a space where there is silence and enormous peace – a place where nothing in this world can touch me, as though I was inside a protective shield.

  3. As you had mentioned in one of the articles, this is the best and an easy meditation one could do anytime and at anyplace.

  4. This peace was getting carried into my day-to-day life, where forgiveness is easier to do.

  5. I used to dream analysis some years back based on what I had read in some books. Even though my analysis used to be good sometimes, many a time it was wrong. I guess now, it’s more due to reaching only up to understanding the other person’s viewpoint (2nd viewpoint), but not the viewpoint of the divine (3rd viewpoint). The trick is to stay on the word for as much longer as possible.

  6. And when that happens, a sort of rhythm is felt between the mind, heart and body.Naran Yes the peace is real and you can feel the impact in your day-to-day life. Sometimes you may not get the message immediately. Maybe you will need a day or two or a week to get it. Sometimes, you need few messages to get the complete meaning. The trick is not only to stay on the word, but continue to do this exercise, as long as you are alive. Then you don’t need any lectures and books to understand and manage your life. The reason I suggested HEATHER and VERVAIN to do this exercise is, that both Heather and Vervain personalities are poor listeners. Read the article: “Art of Reading Divine Messages” -

Article referred: “Denying Pleasures” -


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