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Benefits of Chanting Hari Haaraya Namaha Mantra

Naran S Balakumar

Mantra to be karma-less It is the mantra for infatuation and love pangs. How long one can go in life with all desires i.e., desire to change the other person, desire for approval, desire for security? How can one go with all unfulfillment? Finally, one must leave the body. Before leaving, leave everything at the feet of Hari. He will nullify all your desires and attachments, take you, and evolve you.

How to be fulfilled in life? Life is chance given to us to surrender. Till we surrender, till we think that the divine is always behind us, till we know that the divine is the only doer and we are not the doer, we cannot have any fulfilment in life. Surrender everything totally to the Divine. Accept whatever happens instead of resisting. If something is not happening, do not go on thinking or worrying about it. We want to achieve it somehow. Leave it. If the divine wants to fill up, let him give the fulfilment. Otherwise, (he will give) something else. “Let me always think about him and surrender all my desires at his feet. He will neutralise. Let him neutralise me without ego. Then only my inner soul will come and lead the life.”

The inner soul is like a GPS We put the destination first. If you don’t stop at the destination, it will not correct you. It will take another route and guide you till you reach the destination. That is what the inner soul is doing within us. To identify or to understand the working of the divine or to make the divine soul work in us, we must surrender.


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