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Be Peacefully Happy

R Mohan

Everybody has a life mantra Naran discussed how each one of us holds onto one mantra in the workshop that he recently conducted in Kancheepuram on March 6th, 2016. He said that we think countless thoughts during a single day. However, one thought keeps coming in our head. That is our life mantra – which does more harm, as it is primarily a negative thought. I observed myself and I found that one thought that keeps coming up inside me is ‘Ennakku Illa’ (not for me in Tamil). Based on one of his techniques which he mentioned in a blog post, I kept repeating that expression many times. The expression became ‘Enakku Santhosam illa’ (no happiness for me in Tamil). Then, I repeated this particular expression several times. It became ‘Enakkulle Santhosam’ – means the happiness is inside me in Tamil. I repeated that word and found myself peacefully happy. As Naran said I found out today that darkness has light inside it and a problem has solution inside it.


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