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Bach Flower Approach to Cancer Treatment

SunandaMy husband was recently diagnosed with bowel cancer. So far, the doctor has told us that he needs to do surgery and chemotherapy. What SW and Bach flower remedy can I chant? I am really scared. We have 3 children. We are worried about our finances as well.

NaranThe switch words “CONCEDE CLEAR WITH LOVE old undead cells FIND new cells” can be chanted.  “SUN DIVINE FORCE” can be chanted over water and be given to the patient. Cancer is the physical state, where there is nothing but "destruction and annihilation". SWEET CHESTNUT is the only remedy that can help. When it is diagnosed, people become panicky, for which ROCK ROSE is the remedy. Cancer is always hidden - AGRIMONY. Cancer is called malignant, for which WILLOW is the remedy. CRAB APPLE will dissolve the undead cells. The vitality of the patient should be built with CENTAURY and OLIVE. To heal the deep mental depression, MUSTARD is the remedy. The mind always wants to deny and escape from the situation, for which AGRIMONY and CHESTNUT BUD are the remedies.

Prescription for PatientsThe cancer patient should be given SWEET CHESTNUT, ROCK ROSE (or RESCUE REMEDY), AGRIMONY, CHESTNUT BUD, WILLOW and CRAB APPLE. This combination can be given one day; alternating with CENTAURY, OLIVE and MUSTARD on the next day. RUTILE QUARTZ can be put in water and kept overnight. It can be given in the morning. It will increase the oxygen availability of the cells. WATER VIOLET can be given to the patient also when going to the hospital. He will be taken care of well by the doctors.

Prescription for Family MembersThe situation for the family is a unique and should be handled. To handle the mental state of the family members, and to manage money: ROCK ROSE (for terror and the thought "Where to go for money"), RED CHESTNUT (worrying about the person who has cancer) and WATER VIOLET to manage the predicament. Pictures of SQUIRREL and (gem) CITRINE can be kept in the hand bag.


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