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Asking your child to study

Naran S Balakumar

Understand how your mind operates first It is not fault-finding within us. Once we understand that, then we can do start our work. We check first, for example:

  1. Is this a desire to control?

  2. Is this desire for approval?

  3. Is this desiring for security? You may tell your son that he should not to go out, but study instead. I am not saying that you should not do that. Neither, I ask you to change your character or behaviour. But, first understand what is operating inside the mind.  Release... Then you take the necessary action. Understand your mind first, as otherwise you will be operating from a desire to control and you will not get the desired results.

Release your Desire to Control

  1. Say to yourself that ‘This is my desire to control’. Can I release this desire to control?

  2. Affirm, ‘I release my desire to control’ as many times as possible.

  3. Then do the action.I nullify my desires. I deactivate them and then take my action. This is what the Gita says, ‘Samo Boodhva Kuru Karmani” – which means keep your mind in equanimity, and do this action.

How to keep the mind in equanimity Whatever operates as desires, release them. Then you can attain that state. The idea is to keep the mind in equanimity and then taking an action.

Why do I need to release my desires and emotions? First two times, you will tell your son normally not to go out. Third time you will get angry. I am only asking you to release this anger before talking to him for the third time.


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