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Art of reading divine messages

Naran S Balakumar

Understand the messages with the help of Bach Flower Remedies Take Bach Flower Remedies VERVAIN and HEATHER to understand those messages. Put the pills of Vervain and Heather in a bottle of water.  Take it with you. Visit your neighboring park and with a research attitude note down all the words that you hear. Sip the water now and then. All words that you have captured, will give you a beautiful meaning to your life. Alternatively, go to a temple and listen to the conversations that are going around. Do this exercise, once in two months.

There are always three view points to an eventAn event can be in the form of an incident or a conversation that we overhear or behavior of a person that we are attracted to and notice. For an event, there can be three different viewpoints about it. One is ours. When we analyze from our viewpoint, then it will be termed as a judgment about the event. When we analyze from other man’s point of view, then it will be termed as an understanding of the event. Finally, the third perspective would be the viewpoint of the divinity that’s expressed through the event. The last viewpoint is the subject of our discussion.

Why we need to know divine messages behind an event? There will be a lesson waiting for us, on how we should think and act, so that our journey moves towards divinity. To do that, we have to observe our life as a third person. These divine messages also can come from children or sometimes even at the sight of a bird or an animal.

Do a bit of an analysis If we listen dispassionately to a conversation that falls into our ears, there will be a divine message waiting for us. Though, we have to do a bit of analysis and dig that message out. Do that by asking the question – what is the divine message waiting for me here to be unraveled? Analyzing like this is nothing but a form of meditation. This helps us to go deeper within one self, making the mind travel within. In general, the mind has the tendency to go out. But this exercise helps us to take it the reverse direction. Therefore, a dispassionate observation is a must for us to follow.

Let you be guided by divine messages every day in every way Divine message guides us in every way. Daily seeking the message of God and keeping a Spiritual Journal is necessary. This will help us to understand the messages delivered by god and direct us in various ways during the course of our lives.


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