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Healing inside the Mother’s Womb

Updated: Jan 25


Please do advise me as to what I should do in Pondy (Pondicherry) for furthering my healing. I shall be spending a week in the (Aurobindo) Ashram guest house.


While in Pondy, go to ashram as much as possible. Mentally:

  1. Prostrate to all the plants and trees who were then with the Mother

  2. Prostrate to all the plants and trees that are now there in the ashram

  3. Prostrate to the cows and people who serve the ashram

  4. Prostrate to the earth wherever the Mother walked

  5. Prostrate to the chairs and beds where she used to sit and recline

  6. Prostrate to every article that she used.

  7. If you know Reiki, give Reiki to the ashram

  8. Be in silence and in meditation totally

  9. Chant “I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE LOVE THANKS ALIGN WITH DIVINE CENTER”. Say this to every organ, every chakra, every tissue, every system, and every process of the body.


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