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Anti-Theft Cards

Roopa I want to thank you for the Bach Flower remedy cards. Especially, I would like to talk about the THEFT CARD. Recently, when my mom got hospitalized, she had handed over her jewelry to me. And during this running around to hospital, I kept it in a safe place and forgot.  Later after 15 days, I tried to search for the same. But, I could not find. I was worried and thought I lost the jewelry as the maid used to clean my room every day. However, I was confident about the THEFT card. I prayed to flowers and got a message that the jewelry was inside the house only. No one had stolen it. I trusted the card so much that I accepted the fact that the jewelry was safe and secure. Then recently, found it in the same place, where I had searched for the same. Anyways thanks once again for your divine guidance and blessings through disguise.


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